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The Emilio Servadio project is based in Rome; it comes to life and develops as a result of the efforts of Dr. Biancamaria Puma, a psychologist, psychotherapist and a former student of Professor Emilio Servadio.

Dr. Biancamaria Puma is the owner of both the private papers of Professor Emilio Servadio (reported by the Archival Superintendency for Lazio of historical interest) and all the copyrights in all publications and unpublished material belonging to the person of the late Professor Emilio Servadio.

The project benefited from the close involvement of the family of the teacher and of some volunteers who offer their help by sharing the aim of developing the thought and work of Emilio Servadio.

The new website is part of the original project: as one of the services to be provided, you will have the opportunity not only to directly search events, documents and texts, but also to register and access the entire search engine of the whole work by Professor Emilio Servadio.

It will be a pleasure to share this project which will include the staging of exhibitions, events, study meetings, publications, workshops and counseling.

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Copyright: The entire site is subject to Italian law and international copyright law. All reproduction rights are reserved, including downloading of the documents and iconographic and photographic representations. Any reproduction of the site, even partial, whatever the format and the media, is prohibited except for private use with no commercial purpose.  Quotes for the record, study, criticism or review are allowed. In any case, the integrity of the reproduced documents must be respected and reproduction, even partial, should be accompanied by the source, including its internet address.


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